Sometimes all I need is your hand to hold me tight and close.
When I rest my eyes and soul not knowing if I’ll ever wake up.
Sometimes I am scared but your voice and wisdom comforts me
Maybe thats what I’ll ever need

So lord before anything
Please bless my soul and my life
For enemies are hunting for my head
And blood but i know in your name I am safe

Deliver me from this earth
Protect me from those who wish to hurt me
Be there for me cause sometimes I am weak to fight and stand up

But all I wish is to forever praise your name even in the hardest of times
In the saddest of life
But please help me not to forget you

Cause I know that one day I’ll be happy more, knowing that I have a god who loves me
A father who protects me
So for all that I feel I ask in your name to please…just bare me from all of this world which I cannot say

In the name
The son
And holy spirit
Cause spirit is my only guidance
And I thank you