Dear Corona Virus
We’re writting to tell you that we’re sick and tired of you
Dear Corona Virus
We’re writting to tell you we’re not happy with the pace of your spread
your spread is like a rugby ball passed from a player to
youre killing our family members in a blink of an eye
We’re tired of crying
My neighbour couldn’t come comfort me , she was mourning
We were all mourning
I lost a family member
My neighbour also lost a family member
Abnormal mysteries you came with
I’ve never seen something cruel as you
Dear Corona Virus
Dear Covid 19
Because of you i heard my self saying ” i didn’t wanna be
human anymore ”
You made me lose hope in life
Dear Corona Virus
Like a phone call you called and we answered without
Dear Corona Virus
I’m writting to make this clear to you
You better leave our lives alone
We’ve been fighting you for far too long
You’ve made your point
Dear Corona Virus