With my imperfections
You love me still.
When everyone is turning
Their back on me.
There you are, opening
Your arm’s wide open.

In my Juvenile life
You came and stood with me.
Through thick and thin,
You still love me.
Each everything i do.
I do it with confidence,
Your unfailing love
Never cease to amaze me.

Psalms 145:17
“[17]The lord is righteous in everything he does;
he is filled with kindness.”
Will he forsake me no ways,
He said he will never leave me
Neither forsake me.
The Lord shall lift you
In time of sorrow.
Even when you feel dismayed
He’s always there.
Joshua 1:9 wherever you go.
He will be there.

In this cruize, bumpy it may be.
I am fastening my shoes and
Seat belt. Blessed is the one
Who rejoice in the house of Lord.
Amen, let’s Rejoice