Blissful feeling upon life;
H in the word stands for Hope;
Showers from the heavens and Ancestors;
We chade it but its not found;
Happiness is within us.

Love is one of the doubtful feeling;
Doubt I say, it does not just visit;
A in the word stands for Anger;
We anger ourselves to please others;
We bring Joy and forget abouts ours;
Happiness is within us.

We tend to pray for other life expenses;
We tend to seek for peace not inner.
Lord, why are you so cruel?
The bible says you love us all
So why are there poor and more privileged?

We told not to ask and questiin the book;
But happy are those with paved ways and peace;
Dear Mama, The world is crying;
Bring upon help Cause as you taught us;
Happiness is Within us.