I’m guilty
Guilty because I don’t think I love him anymore
Hell I don’t even think I did from the get go
He came into my life while I was dealing with a failed relationship and heartbreak
I found comfort in him
He gave me the attention that I needed at that moment
The conversation was flowing and I was all smiles whenever his name would pop up on my notifications
I agreed to be his girlfriend
Now listen, I’m a person that listens to their intuition and trust me, it’s never wrong.
So I wondered how the hell I didn’t feel like I made the right decision after saying yes to him
Without even realising it, it was all a game
A game that I was playing in my head and for the first time I was in control
In control of my emotions.
Something that I’ve always wanted
Now I realize that he was just a rebound
He loves me, he wants me and he always expresses himself to me
But I just don’t love him.
Yeah he’s a great kisser and I love how he’s all over me all the time but I just DON’T LOVE HIM
Karma will deal with me for being so heartless
I’m afraid to break up with him
Afraid that I’ll break his heart
Afraid because I believe in the saying “want goes around comes around”
I’ve had my heart broken before and I wouldn’t want to inflict that pain on someone else
But I know that the more that play this game, the more that I play with his heart the more damage I’ll cause
Karma will deal with me when the time comes
But for now let me do what needs to be done