WARNING This piece refers to suicide.
Saturdays are my most loneliest
I feel like I’m overdosing by overthinking
My head tells me I’ve got four options
It’s either I put a bullet in my head

Or this blade to my wrist
Or these narcotics in my system
Or let these threads break my throat and leave my feet dangling
But my aspirations stop me from these compulsions.
And to be honest they not the only ones
You part of the reasons I dream bigger

I know you distance yourself cause you scared of…
Scared that I’ll disappear once I know you
Scared I won’t look at you if I see your dark side
But if you know that the only I fall in love with scars

So bring the broken pieces of your heart to me and let me put them back together coz I love puzzles
You are like a snow, beautiful but cold
But I know you only act like that coz you vulnerable
So come to me and I’ll be your safe shelter

We’ve got damaged souls, broken hearts and messed up minds
We waiting for someone to save us but we know the truth…
No one can love us if we don’t love ourselves

Fractured Angel
The Other Part Of Me