Forgiveness, Clemency, Compassion, Mercy or Pardon;
Is it possible? Help me I ask;
The minute I thought all has gone;
It jumps back again; as fresh as it just happened;
Do you blame me? What really?
Don’t tell me to forget about;
Is almost impossible.

I was young I didn’t know anything;
You were older than me; you knew what you were doing;
Off my mind you full filled your mandate;
Our desires were met;
Your lust full filled because you had power over me;
One day I will grow bigger and strong;
While your lose power and become weak.

Today like the end of everything,
The world has turned upside down;
Politricks has taken the very hope of humanity;
Muscles are in the pockets;
While the poor get poorer.

But in all and everything, I choose to forgive;
I forgive the priests, pastors, apostles, prophets and bishops;
For their indulgence into world politics;
For loving money above the very same Creator;
Rejecting the gospel, while pretending to love it;
For abuse and became hyenas in churches;
For taking the word of in vain;
For preferring lies than the truth;
For displaying character of sheep while they are wolves;
For selling the very same congregation to the dragon;
For self-enrichment, while people are suffering;
I then choose to forgive you all.
As the act of my deepest supremacy;
From the bottom of my heart, I forgive you all;
I forgive everyone in my life;
Even those who don’t deserve my forgiveness;
I choose to forgive today.

I forgive all politicians,
For passing laws that deprive parents’ rights of their children;
For passing laws against Christian values,
For closing churches and oppressing Christians;
For degrading our education system,
For loving strangers more than inhabitants,
For not creating jobs for youth of our country;
For not taking our country serious;
I choose to forgive them today.

I forgive the fathers today,
Those who never care even to know names of their children;
I forgive those who have allergy of the word [Pregnancy]
For those who disappeared to the thin air;
For not being responsible for their actions;
I choose to forgive them today.

Even if my heart feel heavy and down;
I still choose to forgive those who are hardest to forgive;
The rapists, murderers, gossipers, witches and wizards;
I forgive my neighbors, for running down our neighborhood;
I forgive police for abuse and not treating us fairly;
I forgive creators of viruses and sicknesses;
I forgive perpetrators of evil in our society;
I do choose to forgive all of them today.

I do this because forgiveness is the wellbeing of our hearts.