Forgiveness comes from the bottom of the pure hearts with truth.
We need to seek forgiveness from our elders because of our roots.
We are no longer wearing wet boots.
Forgive us our elders for tarnishing your names through mud with our clumsiness.
For Killing our Peers with offensive words that lack courage or defensive.
For allowing drugs to rip us from Education and left us on streets as nyaopes.
Forgive us our elders For bodyshaming girls and dragged them in the hands of suicide.
We are sinners I suppose.
Men are killing and raping us on purpose.
We went far when we started encouraging teenage pregnacy.
We created Gender-based violence that is busy swallowing our youth.
My tears are rainy weather.
Forgive us we meant no harm on the Society that is turning us against each other.
Society that has distorted Beauty.
our parents killed our dreams by making us resume their failed dreams trying to please the Society.
We Abounded our Dreams and Aspirations , They faded away.