I shall not admit what was not

I shan’t say it was a passing fantasy

I will admit one thing thou’ it was fantastic.

A great deal of fantasy coming true

True as the reality of her and beauty

Oh yes it was a deal, a deal that both had

Of that consequences we must deal with

In a moment of truth in dealing with such

I can’t erase the memories and wipe clean ‘e slate

And move by my way pretending she’s nothing

Of course she’s someone I once held in hands

With bare heart I caressed and embraced at open.

Behind closed doors, all doors were open with us

While clothes makes the man we shed them away

Nakedness was the language of the moment.

That’s how real I saw her soul from dawn to dusk

I know that’s how she perceived me as well

Now we move but that reality stays as memory

Her dreams lives through in my every night

And in my everyday I shall title this as For Her.