Fly, dear Angel,

Climb above the universe,

Fly my love, pass the planets and the stars

Leave this lonely world of ours,

Escape the sorrow and the pain

Do not be afraid

But hold this memory bittersweet until we meet,

Fly little Angel

Fly my tiny one.

Your endless journey has begun

Be on your way.

Don’t wait for me.

Take your gentle happiness far too beautiful for this.

Cross over to the other shore

There is peace always

God took you before I even met you

He broke my heart to prove he only takes the

Innocent souls

Fly where only Angels sing,

Go now, find the light

Fly, my dear baby

Fly, my Angel.

I don’t have a child, and I’ve never lost a child; the reason why I chose to write this poem was that I’ve seen many people suffering from the loss of their kids, and the saddest part is that I’ve realised that those people are afraid of expressing their pain to the world. I wrote this poem to comfort every soul who has lost their kids.