In the dark ,light shined
On rainy days ,the sun came up
As they re-announce the birth of a new are
You stand still in between the old and the new era

A new day bestowed on a town
I was given the chance to change
I did not accept it because the old days were all I needed
Because you was still in the picture

Would kill, would make the impossible possible
For a chance to see you smile at me again
A new dawn yet still you’re not here
Now a line drawn with us on opposite sides

Wanting to cross but then I remembered
You stand still between the old and the new era
No matter which I choose to live in
You still won’t come back

Home is where the heart is
My heart is on you so you’re my home and I wanna come home
So I will look and wait for a day
A day where we’ll be able to be
To be just you and me
Once forgiven but not forgotten
Once lost shall be found