Discover the God within you

Unearth the real you

Explore the depth of your mind

Live inside your mind

But please don’t lose your mind

Don’t be afraid to dive inwards

Your soul will catch you

Listen to your soul

Listen to the voice

There is a voice

Inside you that whispers all day long

No teacher, no preacher, no parent or wise man can tell you what to decide

Listen to your soul

Unleash the purge

Bare the urge

To emerge with rage

With courage

Open your mind

Dive deep into your imagination

Life is all about evolution

You can dream, but don’t forget the execution

Escape the wounds of suffering

With a sip of poetry

Fly to the moon

Touch the stars

You are a star

A beautiful burning star

Be a flame in a frozen world

Your world is your heaven

Create your own world

Materialise your thoughts and desires

Reinvent yourself

Be predictably unpredictable

Put your ego aside

Always be authentic

You are incredibly unique

That’s your superpower

Dear souls

Be the burning flame of abundance.

Set your soul on fire

But please don’t burn your dreams

Unleash the God within you