When I die
Please bury me with my pen
And paper, for I will
Sleep peacefully knowing
That I’ve taken with me
What God lent me
Or gave me to use in this earth.

My dignity as person
My joy as a man
My love as a woman
My hope as a child
So when I die
Please do as I ask

And I shall be the happiest
Soul to knock on the
Havean doors
Smiling that I’ve bought back
The joy and happiness to
Those sad Angels longing
To smile

So when I die
please bury me
Bury me with my words
So I’d able to speak
Bury me with my words
So I’d be able to listen
Listen to him
When he speaks.

Write and tell stories
Of saint’s and sinner’s
Preaching to those
Behind them
seeking salvation
Or redemption

So when I die!
Bury me with my words
Paper and pens.
For I would be no
More but my work
Will forever live on
When I die