There’s so much to say –

Where do I begin?

I try to express my feelings each day,

So much I still hide within.

Nothing amounts to the sacrifices you put in.


All the love and care in your heart,

Like an antique work of art.

You have conquered and made your mark.

Father, you play an important part.


There’s so much we take for granted.

The seeds you planted,

Cannot grow without soil.

It takes sleepless nights and days of toil.


From keeping the family structure stable,

Your value is never depreciated.

To putting food on the table.

You are appreciated.


You put in all your effort and time,

To ensure your tasks are sublime.

I admire your hardwork and dedication,

I don’t know where you get the inspiration.


I look forward to your words of wisdom

And stories about the past system.

You are knowledgeable and give the best advice,

Through your experiences you have become wise.


You’re funny, joyful, generous and thoughtful

Not forgetting unerring, devout and lawful.

Strict, firm, and sometimes hostile,

But nevertheless, You still manage to put on a smile.

Protective, supportive, loving and kind,

If I ever put a step out of line –

please keep this poem in mind.