My freedom of speech was taken away from me.

Using age and adulthood as a tool to build your hideout.

A hideout of deceit, resentment and the truth

resides in your heart.

But trust and believe; the truth will out

And nothing will be further from the truth

Of the empty slogans, you will be mouthing.

I am suffocated by inequalities and discrimination

Where my financial and success status determines my treatment.

If unfavored by life, my treat becomes a trick.

This time, it’s not a Halloween joke but a prick.

A prick caused by your death glares

Your deconstructive words

And your cold heart cast a bad omen to my life.

So I cast my mind back to my childhood days and remembered.

It had always been like this.

A venomous sting pricked by the wrong kind of treatment was always like that.

You left a hole wide enough to fail to stitch up my humanity.

You took away my black girl magic.

Now I’m too anxious to ever feel like magic.

You left my mind in defense mode.

Now I’m shielding love set to make me whole again.

I’m confused

What is the definition of family?

What does it mean to be my blood?

Isn’t blood thicker than water?

Or is it a cover to keep you under?

You tell me.