Children, hold onto your dreams,

Believe in love,

Let love be the light to show the way

And love will shine on you one day.

Have faith in your dream because dreams are wings of the mind to fly,

and life will smile on you one day.

The uniform of old scars has been burnt and buried,

The hatred has been demolished

Keep trust in your dreams,

Because your dreams are the future of this world,

Yes! The world may feel so cold sometimes,

It may be hard sometimes,

Yet it is up to you to remove this coldness and brighten the days.

It makes no difference who you are; make the sacrifice, and dare to face tomorrow with sincerity.

And children of the world, let your blossoms grow.

Don’t give up without a fight; in the tunnel, there’s a light,

Just be patient,

Determination is the key to facing tomorrow,

Hold the game, and don’t let your dreams get away

Hustle while the city sleeps,

Reach the highest top,

Children of the world, every single boy and girl, let your mothers and fathers know,

Let them know your fantasies,

Tell them what you want to be in your life,

Let stars shine in your life,

Put your mind to work for you,

Believe that you can do it.

Find the ability to do it anyway.

Have Faith in your Dreams.