Setting my eyes on you,

On that sunny day,

It was like being smitten with puppy love.

The world was a wonderful place,

Everything seemed dipped in stardust.

You were bigger than life,

A dream come true,

Many splendored things

My eyes were in overdrive,

Short-circuiting all reality and common sense,

All because my thoughts about you were positive.

I saw you at your best,

The earth trading star,

And one true pair we were.

The emotional period of ecstatic paralysis,

It began to disappear.

As soon as reality filtered through the fantasy,

Your shortcomings were a drink to sip.

The emotional upheaval in a teapot,

It began to lose its steam.

The complete reversal of perspective and reversal of affection,

Cropped up our minds.

We were locked in on the negative,

Poisoned our emotional structure,

And lost our love.