You hated me

Before our fingers crossed

And our eyes met

BeforeI could feel the softness of your arms

And the rhythm of your heartbeat

Did I not deserve this life

Did I not deserve your motherly love

Was I annoying like this flies and parasites

Because your heart is as cold as ice

Maybe earth was not for me

But I swear heaven wasn’t ready for me

You took me away

Before the sun welcomed the morning

And the moon waved goodnight

You said I couldn’t drown in poverty

And yet your survived from it

If a mother holds the tip of a knife

Why did you take away an innocent life

Would my presence remind you of my father’s absence

Was I a burden to your freedom

Or salt to your wounded heart

Another load to your laundry

Was I a curse to your precious womb

Or would my birth disturb your education

You threw me away

Like smelly socks in your closet

Perhaps it’s not your fault

You were just possessed

And didn’t want to quickly grow old

But mom abstain or refrain

If you can’t maintain

Condomise if you can’t compromise