Everytime I fall in love

I fall deeper

Love too much,

Trust too much,

Care too much.

My brain stops functioning

I ignore the whole world

Abandoned everyone close,

I lose myself to fit in your world

No longer follow my daily routine

my world revolves around you.

I’ll lose sense of self

I don’t care cause you’ll define me,

my happiness will depend on you

once you no longer serve it,

I disassociate

I cry, I grieve

I hate the world.

My heart will ache so bad,

My world will fall apart.

All my traumas will haunt me again,

Sink in depression,

Swim in the pool of sadness.

I don’t want to let go,

We can work this out,

No, we can fix this.

Yeah so toxic.

But feels so damn good

Until the love fades,

But the cycle always repeat.