Enough is enough a woman says
Enough is enough they’re not for sale,
they’ve been broken so many times
It’s enough they don’t need another scar,
a woman is not a trash but a treasure
we shouldn’t be treating them as a joke…

A man is born through a woman
and fall in love with a woman
Gosh! You were raised by a woman,
I am surprised about the man who don’t
respect a woman, are you even a human?
cause your actions are so inhuman,
since we all came from a woman
let’s forget about sex and let’s be a man
let’s stand up and protect our woman…

A woman is cute, kind and adorable
when you making them cry what pops
Into your mind? just stop they’re hurtable,
A man should out there fighting and protect them
but you are out here raping, insulting and beating them,
Does that make you happy?
Don’t you feel sorry?
Men what are you doing you’re damaging someone’s future…

God created a woman, a pillar of strength not a slave
man you’re a human too just cooperate,
She deserves peace and some time off to go to some game reserve or anywhere she likes,
A woman is a Queen do you get that?
She’s the entire universe itself,
She’s the rainbow after some storm
The Christmas lights twinkling in freshly fallen snow, she’s everything
If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here
So respect women!!!

I feel like dying when it comes to business or jobs
It’s sad to see them sacrificing their private parts for jobs,
Not because they like that, they’re being forced and ain’t got no choice but to do it,
They’re just like us they have rights too
They’re equal to us no difference it’s true,
A woman don’t deserve such things
I mean she felt pain while in those labour wards
Trying to give birth to your baby,
what if she dies?
Will you be happy? Seeing your child growing without a his/her mother knowing very well that you killed her by stressing her or abusing her..
Please stop… stop GBV… stop woman abuse and child abuse…