Dumped Heart
Full of hatred and misery,
I could never think of the best but… the worse. 
Depression became more like my friend, it comforts me at night and sleeps next to me.
My last breath will tell the fate of my heart,
You always broke it so what is left behind?
Full of hatred and misery,
I could tell by how I look.
Peace is never my friend and I lost it when my happiness is tested. 
Oh, friend… come restore the love,
Who knows? You might be the one for it.
Don’t break it to others because already it is.
Full of hatred and misery,
Don’t be harsh just take it easy.
I’m scared to give it to you like others,
You will break it like glass,
It will hurt me to pick up the pieces,
Already it is breeding and I am worried about my hands will hurt.
Full of hatred and misery,
It never found love but sadness.
I could trust nobody with my dumped heart,
Because it has no place to live already.
Like a homeless child, my heart takes away from me.
Very soon I will feel nothing, don’t blame me it will be tired because my heart is dumped and full of hatred as well as misery.
Come along and mingle with me,
Take my hand and be the comfort in my dumped heart.