Sitting on a bus close to the window.
On my way back home, uneasy chatting those words I swallowed.
My silence was worse than of a widowed.
I’m trapped in pains and sorrows,
“How can my brother be able to stand this?”
The last moment I remembered clear was taking my last stiff.
To him already I’m just inappropriate
Booze wasn’t my thing but I felt really complete.
After a long working day in Durban and really made me feel like a man.
Problems weighed all over my shoulder,
Like Jesus but this time I’m not sober.
I left in peace in a place on my own planet
Drunk but I had to drive? I beat the bonnet.
Across the street near Verulam S.S drawing snake…
I don’t know when the brakes lose it.
I remembered the car speeding,
Until it was out of the road and suddenly I’m in hospital.
“You can’t be able to walk again…”