I call it Diamond love, because it is beautiful
Iove can be confusing sometimes ,but this one is meaningful
I take is as my everyday tressure
For swimming in this kind of love is a great pleasure

Who am I to say no to this kind of love?
Am more favoured to have you as my lover
Dear sweetheart I never signed a contract of love with you,
Though my heart has many of your signatures
Whenever I wake up this love I have for you brings me your image
I just imagine that cute smile of yours with lots of love with you

Your smile drives me to the trips of love
Without your love I don’t think I would ever get to laugh
You bring joy inside me , and send away my pains
This diamond love I have for you will forever run in my vains

It is our diamond love ,
My diamond love,
You will always be my priority
My love for you will never fade