Dear Love,
Not so many people say good things about you,
We’d focus mostly of the fact you’re blind,
Whoever said love was blind,
Is out of their mind,
Love has eyes to see,
The ones who aren’t vigilant at all times,
The hate you give,
Becomes the late retrieve,
And the late retrievers are never to be put the best,
We love the worst, and forget the rest,
Dear Love, why are you so cruel?
Love most things that you gave us is joy,
And you had to take it all away,
Wounds heal fast,
But not wounds of the past,
Memories of me and you,
Oh, my Love,
Dearly you left me,
All that we went through,
All to waste,
What’s the point of love,
’cause everytime you fall in love,
Is by then you break,
Some claim it as a mistake,
Some take it for a granted situation,
Fear Love,
Because love can break everything it touches,
Hearts of two lovers flamed away with torches,
What’s wrong with love?
Love is a beautiful word,
But makes us live in an unmerciful world,
There are types of love,
Love of money,
Love of nonsense,
Love of serious attention,
Love of alcohol,
And love of mature genders,
All of those have the same result in most cases,
Love leaves a mark,
A stain of red blood,
You never know love until you are stuck,
Stuck in the middle of hate and dispute,
Hear Love when it speaks,
You have to listen attentively to not miss a word,
Because you might get lost in the streets.