Dear heart..
Free my soul
Let me hold grudges no more
I want to endure to endure this pain not
My soul is enervated

Dear heart…
Why have you became so invective?
When did you start being so draconic?
You’re slowly dragging me to dystopia
I’m drowning in the pool of pain

Forgive me for the resentful treatment
Forgive my father for his indignant actions
Forgive himfor the misery he caused in my life
Forgive me also; for the hatred I bore in my heart
And conceived in my mind [he was just ignorant, I think]

I want to mince in this universe free of conscious
Accompany me to the city of love and peace, companion
Stay with me ‘happily ever after’
Dear heart,
Forgive me for the heavy burden I made you to carry