Is culture cloth or spear? 

Aesthetic for the gram dear

Or quarrel to change the gear? 

Causing others to cower in fear. 

Are you a mirror or a telescope? 

The youth say they cannot cope 

To earn ululation, they need the scope 

Some gave up to roll papers of dope 

Are you a celeb or a lifestyle? 

Do you just exist as a speed dial 

Where we can flip through the image file 

Do you teach us the actual tradition Chile? 

Where are you cultures? 

Do you soar high like vultures? 

Or dance backstage from torture 

Are you butchered like Khoisan culture? 

What is your skin complexion? 

Are you colored, like those who lost direction? 

Are you khaki, condemned for causing oppression? 

Are you dark or light, unable to reach perfection?

Are you inclusive like a rainbow nation

Or naive like modern conformity

Do you notice you aren’t a separate entity?

That you shouldn’t boast about superiority?