Ola my wonderful people. I truly appreciate you being patient and waiting for my next reviews, you guys are just amazing supporters. 

Our topic for the day is confidence. 

Confidence is a battle we all face daily. I too have been in situations where my confidence was at its lowest but I tell you this. Fake it till you make it. Never let anyone see that they shake your confidence, cause that gives them the opportunity to have power over you. You are a strong individual and to build that confidence, start telling yourself that in the mirror. It just takes three seconds to look at yourself and say, “I will be confident in everything I do”. 

I was the head girl of my last year and trust me that ain’t an easy job to do. I had to deliver a whole lot of speeches every time we had a ceremony. But to my surprise it really boosted my confidence, it made me be more creative when responding to people and I can think fast on my feet. I truly appreciate the experience I got. So whenever you have to do speeches in class go to the front with an open mind. 

Tip: Don’t think about it just do it. 

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