I thought we were meant to be together,

I thought it was a forever thing,

But I guess you were in it until whenever.

Making you happy was all I wanted,

Because I loved you more than anything,

But I guess all those years meant nothing.

I became obsessed with you,

My obsession with you left me with nothing but depression.

Now I have to work on my health,

Because I was broken by “Love”.

It breaks my heart that I thought you were all in me,

As I was all in you.

My heartbreak feels like a thorn in my flesh,

It keeps repeating itself like a song in my heart.

The “Love” game made me realize that being too attached,

Will only leave me broken.

Nothing lasts forever but at least we have unforgettable moments as well as memories together.

Maybe we will be together and more happier in another life,

But for now we have to Cut Ties.๐Ÿ’”