We hear cries and whimps of mother’s and children
In the sky that was once blue
And suddenly grey and no one has a clue
Of what tomorrow holds in the most of night.
One in the dark shadows,she cries in sorrow
Two in the black mist, they cry in dread.
Arises fear and haunting ghosts that were never dead
The souls of the old and young wondering around.
Oh dear Lord, hear the cries of the beloved country!
That is now in the misty storm of evil
Day and night, they are murdered, raped and tourtured.
Day and night ,we cry ,we bury ,but justice isn’t served
They walk free instead of getting what they truly deserve.
In the sun that is now dim, and the sky that is now black
The Mother’s and fathers, sister’s and brothers still hope for a new day
For that day will be beautiful.
The cries will be joys
For the living demons will face the fiery hell
And the mother’s and children will cry no more!