You have worked,
 The dedication was buried deep within your spirit,
 Dreams, the sound of your footsteps,
 And success is your final destination.
 And here you have landed on the journey of your dreams.
 The journey wasn’t always sunshine and roses,
 You have stepped on the thorns and got hurt,
 You have stumbled, 
 Yet you never lost focus.
 And here you are smiling.
 you have done it!
 In your hands holding a medal,
 This important prize is yours you have won it.
 Just keep on that pace.
 I wish you a smooth path,
 On your journey to your chosen destination,
 and as much delight in your off-road adventures.
 As there is in reaching your goal.
 Congratulations, graduate!
 Spread your wings for you are going to soar.
 May the world embrace you, excite you,
 and strengthen you in everything you do.