Ntsako the poet said it best
“With pain, I smile”
When will I rest and find peace?
When will everything cease? 
The questions rumble in my head
All I need is a lead
No one knows whether I ate the last time,
I’ve been told, 
‘no pain no gain’.
Yet though I work hard but don’t get paid
I laid up my mind through a strain
To endure the pain
So that I would gain.
I kept on sticking to my dream.
The aim has always been about crossing the stream
How can I when life is not giving me the sweet cream?
I lean out with gleams
I located myself on the rim of the brim.
I’m hurt on the inside
And smiling on the outside
The pain grows scars deep inside
yet I glow like a million of stars on the outside.
With pain, I smile.