It was cold, windy a cloudy day 
I had my mind highly spirited 
I was flying in the air like a kite 
Day gave me happiness 
She gave me joyness 
I was freezing 
But I couldn’t hide the fact that I was there only because she was with me 
I could barely walk 
Everything was numb 
Wanted to leave the place but no I didn’t have that courage 
I didn’t think of a better excuse 
She was there with me in cold 
She didn’t speak 
She didn’t laugh 
Nor did smile
Quite frankly I was scared 
It was the first time 
I felt a pain 
It pierced me
Paralyze me 
None could help
Cloud was my cloth 
The wind was there as a voice 
She was cold 
Tears kept running from my eyes 
I was just there like a rock 
Nothing seemed realistic 
I cried while looking at her 
She was there but silent 
So hurt to see her but she couldn’t see me back