Chaos of the world


I’m carrying the world

On the palm of my


Im watching people falling

In love

Some separating from failed 


I see people of all


Depressed by their 

Different obstacles

Others pray to God

To remove all sorrows

Some commit suicide

As they cry and say

Pain is unbearable 

And can’t withstands it

I’m shocked to look at people

Killing each other 

As if were alien

Instead of human 

Nothing to gain to 

Steal life

Only the haunting

From taking it

Some women are abused by 

Their husband

I’m afraid that they 

Not only abuse

But kill

I see the police

Where there are


Women of all age’s

With open cases

Rape is the big issue

Some remain

Unreported by 

Voiceless girls

Leading to the frustration of

Unwanted pregnancy

There at the corner

Is one of the poorest


Eating from a dustbin

Not having a place

To call home

Where are the rich to

Lend a hand

Helping others

I see people losing

Their jobs

Thinking the world

Has come to an


As their jobs

Help them to earn

Some cash

I see a very sick patient

In hospital

Helplessly lying on

The bed

Despair for recovery

Believing soon

Death will pay

A visit

They don’t see life

I feel pity for

Girls who are

Victims of human 


To become sex slaves

People who are bullied

And used 

Made to be a

Laughing stock

Their hearts are wounded

Living life without peace

I see sellers of drugs

Killing others dream’s.