Spread your wings and fly
Fly for what?, only to come back to the ground
With wings so agile, flying should be easy
But when you’re trapped by a life given to you,the life that’s meant to set you free seems oblique
You think about it whilst residing in the place best-known to you as the nest,you feel it manifesting mentally,the feeling is rejuvenating,the feeling of flying away and never returning again to touch the ground in the abode of your origin

Birds that can fly belong in the sky but like a caged bird you’re hindered from branching out to reach the sky,the sky is the limit but your only limit is the grounding wherein you are caged

I was missing something, similarly to a bird that has wings but cannot fly
I was missing something promised
I was missing the manifestation of words spoken to me over time,promised to me;”you have wings, surely you will fly once you’re ready” ’til this day I’m still being prepared for readiness.
I’m much like a caged bird, flapping my wings yet not taking off for flight as if my state of readiness is still being measured.