I’m just a broken girl

Every piece of my body is broken into a million pieces

My mind is clouded with thoughts,

My heart is heavy,

My body is drained,

Everything I try just falls apart before I even know.

I cry myself to sleep every single night,

Sometimes I wish I could vanish,

Everyone who is supposed to have my back

Is nowhere to be found,

God took them to heaven,

I’m all by myself

Nobody seems to understand or feel my pain

Everything, even nature, too seems to be hopeless.

I’m just a broken girl

I hide my pain with a smile,

Knowing that deep down, I’m dying

I’m just living in the flesh, but spiritually I’m already dead

Life shows me no mercy

It keeps on knocking me down

No matter how much I cry.

Every day and night, I cry,

Beg God to go easy on me

But life keeps on showing me its true colours,

Sometimes I even pray that God take my soul

Maybe I’ll get peace and love afterlife

Cause in this world, I’m just

A broken girl.