It all started in a shack, suffering with joy because of love and unity, yes nothing or nobody will come between us.

I’m living with mom, Dad and my siblings. God i am the second born hence the respect i am getting ( so nice).

The first born my older brother is working now, finally goodbye to poverty, things are changing this year.

Mom is crying tears of joy, (it been thirty years full praying asking for a better life)

Because of her believe she finally made, we’re finally moving out a shack.

2years after the second born is called the same company, you got a job.

Oh God all i need is a car, boom i bought a car living with brother far from home, now my brother is starting to develop jealousy, i am becoming nothing now all because of a car.

Today we wishing each other away, told that i think i am the better one, and that my parent and sibling loves me more because i have.

God i prayed for this car, isnt it suppose to make us even more better, what wrong could i’ve done?