Shit happened ….

I fell and I broke 

Like a glass I shredded

Broken beyond ….

Broken within ….

Broken beyond repair

This shit hurts 

My heart bleeds 

Like it’s been pierced by a sharp glass rushing through its tenderness 

It cries to no ear ready to listen 

It’s heartbeat slowly ending as it bleeds all the way ….

Fading in its own pain …

Finally ….it stops…

Free of all the pain..

the hate 

the jealousy 

the heavy sacks it’s been burdened by …..

But it never stops living …

It stopped beating because of the heaviness it carried 

It wonders wanting to find it happy place 

It’s cloud 9 

It’s solace…

This time around it never feels pain ….

All it seeks is peace …….

All it carried were broken pieces