Give me a dose of love and I will burn out through the night!
As the night gets younger, love takes a new definition.
Entice me, leave me drooling and I will indulge you.

For in this spectacular moment, I am your addiction and you are my drug.

Don’t keep me waiting, for you will only kill the tension.

I don’t want to see the sunrise because dawn is a menace to my other needs.

Let your immortal touch feel my skin because you know where this leads to!

Make me surrender my feelings to you!

Make me forget all that bothers and I will keep your heart warm.

Don’t just be intimate with me, but be my artist and I will be your canvas.

As my heart beats to the passion and my blood flow rushes, I am willing.

Don’t resist because you need this prescription!

Leave me speechless and let my voice harmonise with your love!

Because the gates to heaven on earth have been opened.

Seek and explore every inch of me and I will let loose your pleasurable fantasies.

The intricacies of our confidential roundevouz, let it only be yours to know.