Have you ever felt so embarrassed about your body

Every where you go you hear giggles behind you

Every one making remarks about your big breast and your flat ass

When you can’t even go out for a walk cause you know what’s there

We are tired of living with those taunts

I hope you are all happy now that we cannot use mirror any more

And we started seeing our bodies at your perspectives

We became anti social not because we don’t like people but we are afraid

All we do is to imagine how it is like to have a beautiful body and live freely

It’s clear that we are alien species in your eyes

We are tired of living in a cage

We are tired of suicidal thoughts

This pain is heavy for our hearts

Can’t you see that we are also human

It’s enough now yes you have laughed it’s enough

Every story has an ending so may this be the end of body shaming