How many pages have I torn from this book?

It’s filled with empty love and an empty heart. 

How can I feel so alone even when you are by my side? 

I cry for your arms. 

When you touch me, 

Your hands are cold, but it makes me warm. 

How many times have I cried over a broken heart? 

Looking for you in this world, 

But like a garden of roses, your love truly hurts.

Full of thorns of empty promises

spikes of betrayal

slithering serpent of jealousy 

Oh, my dark rose, how can I find love in your darkness? 

I have no light in my heart to illuminate your way. 

Oh, I am lost, my love. 

Where are you?

Scream loudly so I can hear your voice. 

Or rather, sing, and I will follow your melody. 

Your love will be the remedy to my sickness.

so please return it to me.