You never chose to be here.

Yet in this world, you came to be

When you opened your eyes.

Loneliness was the first to whisper to you.

When everyone held hands together.

You held your own.

When they were tucked under the warm blanket of their loved ones.

You stood by, shivering in the cold reality.

Covered by the shadow of tragedy

Yet you, the black swan.

Ate away your fear.

And swallowed your sadness.

You bravely held onto your tears.

Until you turned them into a beautifully crafted smile.

Around many others, you concealed your screaming heart.

You became brilliant. a dazzling star.

Radiated your dark fate into a bright night.

You around the white swans.

Laughed together.

Played together. 

Ate together.

But cruel is reality and time.

When the sunset came.

It reminded you.

Your feathers are different from theirs.

Your beak is different from theirs.

Your quack is different from theirs.

And you cannot fly.

So when they all flew in packs.

Left you in an empty pond.

Your forgotten pain returned.

And as much as you can keep your tears from leaking.

Pain remains deep in the chambers of your heart.

And you, the black swan have no one to cry to,

because you are alone in this world.