What’s with the comparisons?

I can’t seem to figure it out!

Can some someone give me a clear explanation?

On why?

Why are we so separated?


Rated by the colour of our skin?

One kind always seems below and behind.

One seems to be more appropriate.

While the other seems to be inappropriate.

What’s with the rankings?

What’s with the groupings?

Black or White.

Our melanin! Our appearance!

It shouldn’t be the reason why people judge us as human beings.

It shouldn’t be black or white!

It should be black and white.

Yes, we might have different physical appearances.

We might be from different places.

But doesn’t mean one should be less regarded.

Black and White!

We all deserve similar treatment.

Black and White!

We are all kings and queens!

Together we are one!

The universe’s most unique creation.