Have you ever been lost in daylight?
I mean to suddenly lose sight,
Yet knowing what’s right?
Where decision making becomes tight,
Lord I ask for your light.

John says “it overcame the darkness”,
Right now I wish for it to harness,
My spirit which now feels heaviness,
Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with sadness,
Lord please show me your kindness.

David says “your mercies shall endure”,
And you know that your trust I wish to procure,
But suddenly now I feel my faith is insecure,
How I wish I could be pure,
Lord for everything that ails me I know you are the cure.

Paul says “through you I can do anything”,
Why then am I suddenly panicking?
I feel like I’m sinking,
In me Lord have you wasted your blessing?
Lord answer me for only you are my king.

Suddenly, I’m out of tune,
Is this my way of being pruned?
I realise now that my spirit is not immune,
But vulnerable to life’s dunes,
Lord I know your plan for me can’t end this soon.