Leading with her in front

Shielding nothing from my back

Thinking I was fighting for a good cause

While I was taking a shot from my own plan of attack

My enemies a split second ahead 

They knew all my weakness and vulnerabilities

Spread by love of my heart 

Whom I dedicated my soul to protect 

So she can better defend me and 

The future I had planned for us

Hlampe umjolo awnyisi njengoba sicabanga

(Perhaps loving is as not difficult as we make it to be)

Perhaps we trust too much people who don’t want to be trusted or

Perhaps we are too honest to people who don’t want our honesty or

Perhaps we are too involved to people with greater intention with someone else

But what can we do

We give love to people we think deserve it

No communicated expectations and misinterpreted intentions

A reason why we six feet under 

It cut deep when you realise all your efforts means nothing to ones you love

It emotionally exhausting when they are the only thing that make you feel close to life

When they are only source of happiness

Sometimes loneliness is the only rest we get

And the emptiness actually lets us forget

Sometimes forgiveness is easiest in secret