As i recollect the flooding gate,

all eyes watched while I drowned.

The strength within me,

could not let me sink down.

The whispering voice,

kept on telling me to hang on.


One voice inside me said,

liberty comes to those,

who live by their itiveness.

A spirit of hope,

pushed my inner guts.

As i reminisce my past victory,

courage kept on idling inside me.


I couldn’t let the dark forces,

smile in darkness.

As i recollect the flooding gate.

All eyes watched when I drowned.

A voice of help called for aid,

but forces of ignorance murked my efforts.


When i glance far,

i saw a lit lamp,

burning in a tempest.

It resisted natural forces,

All alone,

because it had enough oil.

Bigots passed by,

no one did not bother

to take it to a safe place.


As  i recollect,

I was told,

we will stick together forever.

Here i am,

I pull a huge wagon alone.

Surrounded by enormity.

All eyes watch while i drowned.

A flooding gate indeed.

As i recollect.

The strength inside me,

could not let me drown.

I subdued.