Our lives are filled with materialistic things
To be seen you have to act the part,
To act the part you have to become someone you’re not,
Be hard on yourself and others…
Having fixed ideas of how life should be,
Losing yourself in between the lines
And having to hide your true identity because you don’t feel good enough.

It’s that young girl that has to put up a face at school because she’s ashamed of her background,
It’s that young boy that has to join the gang to feel wanted and enough,
And feel like a man to his society

We’re told we’re too young to be depressed,
Told to pray about it,it will all go away,
Told to speak up,everything will be okay,
Like being closed into this dark place is the best thing we enjoy and we don’t wanna leave like we have a choice.

It’s the feeling of crying till your eyes are red and sore,
The feeling of not remembering how it feels like to smile and to have fun,
Surrounded by suicidal thoughts and called all kinds of names.

The same people that say speak up and we will help you,
When all they do is bring you down,
Is the same society we call our own.

The same society that laugh at us when we’re sitting home with our degrees,
The same society that don’t wanna help us in time of need is laughing at our situation,
Like you enjoy being unemployed having to wake up and watch your friends/neighbours go to work,
Drinking yourself to sleep to numb the feeling
And partying every weekend blaming yourself for not reaching your goal,
Feeling like the world could just end this very same moment
Cause nothing seems to work or go your way.

Everything now is about who you know
And who you hang out with in order to get to the top.
All we do now is drink,smoke,our lungs out
Steal,sell our bodies to get money.
And Apparently Our Society Is Doomed!.