Ever been alone

No mother, father, sibling, friend,

nor guardian.

Ever cried out loud to the point where your tears turn to your daily food?

Ever cried and felt it didn’t hurt any more

They say crying heals; it doesn’t heal but

turns the heart black like a witch.

Ever felt like God owes you an apology?

Ever got tired of praying as if God has favourites? They

they say he doesn’t. He loves us all.

Oh, I have questions professors might reply to.

Why there’s death

Shouldn’t it be fair? Why should others suffer

before getting to the top

While others just get to the top.

Why shouldn’t we choose families for ourselves

I would be vast huge double-storey house,

with my biological parents and siblings.

Why shouldn’t others get it all from birth

Ever became your parent

Ever been depressed, betrayed, lied to

Ever felt like writing is the only way to express yourself?

I’ve come across it all but still standing.

Never give up on yourself. Be grateful

the small things matter.

As long as you are breathing, you can still conquer.

To all the orphans, may you heal from the pain?

May you be blessed, never mind relatives

they don’t care, watch yourself, dreams, and talents and get educated.

All shall be well.