Still continent for me
Souls that once roamed our very land confronted the senseless of mankind known Genocide
Like dust they perished as if they were non existing
I mean the real owners of Southern Africa whom are the San and Khoikhoi spoke their own lingo
AFRICA my beloved streams of blood river and mountainous of the glades Drakensburg that are so spontaneously affectious
For my beloved continent I bleed internally because the Femicide and xenophobic , segregation that’s is gripping heartache of African core
Waterfalls of Victorian that are legendary but few know its history
I am talking of the battle of blood river and where Kingdowns were mulled ,Warriors of the SHAKA ZULE ,warriors of MOSHOESHOE , warriors of CETSHWAYO and all
Their blood still runs in river that we yearn to cook , to wash
AFRICA my beloved I envy you such Magic stick landscapes