Enjoyed siting by the window

Next next time Ndibs sat by the window

Couldn’t see home from the fight
Bus broke down

3 days

The food we brought was ruined

Africa has a distorted perception of beauty
and nothing remains but a fleeting thought and a whisper of signs.
You’ll find different people, with different skin colours that define imperfections.
Why speak up when you’ll be ridiculed?

Spring flowers bloom reflecting the beauty of sky in our homeland.
You’ll find Gender-Based Violence swallowing people in all countries.
We need to taste our deliberate act of treachery.

Africa died in the hands of our fathers.
Women they face persecution and objectification gender inequality and deformation.
My tears are rainy weather.
Let’s try making amends like leather.

I thought we are one Nation holding hands.
The flowers and beauty are gone on lands.
Suicide will be feeding itself with us and the graveyard will be a proof that we was one here.
I camouflage this so well.

Our intentions are not inorders and not yet discovered.
Our skin colours to us are curse.
Albinism is regarded as a phenomenon.
Africans has forgotten that we only live once and we must practice humanity.

Foreign Nationals are chased from their homes and killed in other countries.
Hatred and fear of foreigners, xenophobia
Disability discrimination is their tears.
Stigmatisation is what they fears.
We’re judged through our mothers tongues.

We’re one Nations, my mission is to see people of Africa treated equal.
Discrimination is what they preach.
Hatred of Africa is what they teach.
He created Africa with pride.