They spread the myths
And announced my madness
For they assumed they knew it all..
They went further…
And verify my passing time.

I was in my cottage closet
In pain, extremely damaged,
I was blurting,
For i couldn’t withstand the sufferings.
It was way to hard to bear.

But i testify!
My conditions wasn’t a madness.
My grief wasn’t there to punishment me to death,
My moan wasn’t a sign of insanity,
For i was just in discomfort.
And i needed solacing words.

It wasn’t long when my hardship expired,
For quiet a long time,
I vacated my cottage corner and headed for a fresh air…
All eyes rolling glancing at me.
With curiosity of how i survived the hardship,
For their confirmed duration didn’t work as calculated…
Because i conquered
And i survived in all odd.